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Dermal Fillers

Juvederm Poster 7Dermal fillers are very safe and commonly used injectable treatments for lines and wrinkles which we carry out regularly at Dermakurve for clients from across Manchester, Cheshire and the North West.

Using the most advanced techniques, an artistic touch and an eye for detail, our dermal filler procedures produce completely fresh, natural looking skin - great results every time.

Dermal fillers are designed to mimic our natural hyaluronic acid, a spongy substance in our skin and tissues whose purpose is to hydrate and support other delicate structures such as cells, collagen and elastin fibres and blood vessels. Hyaluronic acid gives our skin and tissues that familiar firmness and plumpness you feel when you gently pinch your cheek. 

Dermal fillers are mainly used to restore facial contours, volume and reduce lines. It is now becoming increasingly popular to inject hyaluronic acid dermal fillers as a skin booster, to significantly improve skin quality, hydration, elasticity and smoothness of the face, neck, décolletage and even hands. This seems to really help our patients with their confidence - not just in their general demeanour but also in the types of clothes they feel comfortable wearing.

Available in different brands and consistencies, dermal fillers are so versatile in application this allows us to treat most areas of the face.

They are straight - forward to administer and a highly effective treatment especially to reduce signs of ageing in a maturing face. So if you would like to retain or regain your rejuvenated appearance, then talk to us in total confidence about how a dermal filler treatment could work for you.

Cheek enhancement

cheekenhancementThis is the most popular treatment for women in their 30’s and over. Cheek enhancement not only returns a youthful appearance but also improves the nose to mouth lines and  lower  jaw line and smooths howling.  At Dermakurve we aim to give people a natural look and we use the most advanced technique for fillers to ensure great results and safety.


  • Cheek augmentation before
  • Cheek augmentation after

Nose to mouth lines

nose2mouthlinesNose to mouth lines tend to deepen with natural age as our mid-face supporting volume  and elasticity become somewhat depleted. By lifting that mid-face with Dermal fillers and thread lifts we can improve the nose-to-mouth lines. However the deficit can be improved with dermal fillers alone depending on individual assessment.(Picture of face with areas to be treated)


  • NoesLines before
  • NoesLines after


Lip Enhancement

lip enhancementAlthough fuller lips are more popular with younger people, the more mature woman or man benefits  from the redefinition of the lip border and and hydration of the lip body as well as treatment of the ‘smoker’s lines’  and marionette lines. Our lip treatment at Dermakurve takes into account your natural face contours and we use an advanced technique to reduce bruising.


  • Juvederm Poster 5
  • Juvederm Poster 3


Mouth lines and marionettes

mouth lines & marionettesLines around the mouth and down turning or the mouth corners are often a reason for people to seek cosmetic treatments. Similarly the fine lines around the mouth often called ‘smokers lines’ can be signs of premature ageing. With careful use of dermal fillers these can be corrected.



  • mouth lines before
  • mouthlines after

Tear trough

tears troughsThe tear trough is a linear area of volume deficit under our eyes and needs to be treated with caution and skill. Careful dermal filler treatment with or without combination of other treatments can improve the appearance of this area. 



  • tear before
  • tear after


Fine lines and creased loose skin

In spite of careful skin care and cosmetic treatment certain areas of loose or crepid skin can leave one dissatisfied with treatment outcomes. At Dermakurve we use a deep hydration of skin layers with soft dermal fillers called skin boosters to reduce lines around the neck, décolletage, cheeks, around eyes and mouth. 


  • fine lines before
  • fine lines after


Jaw line & Jowls

jowls jaw lineA jowly lower jaw is a popular area to treat with Derma fillers but also needs a careful consultation to determine whether a mid face treatment would give an all round improvement instead of a lower jaw treatment alone. Fillers are helpful in treating an uneven jaw line and in men are popular in giving that defined chiseled appearance


  • Jaw line and Prejowl after
  • Jaw line and Prejowl after

Nose shaping

nose shaping While surgery may be the definitive option for some patients, it may be that a subtle treatment with Dermal fillers can give a pleasing result in the contours of the nose.

  • nose before
  • nose after

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