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BOTOX® is the trade name for a substance injected into the skin which inhibits muscle movement and prevents wrinkles from developing or getting worse.

These injections are commonly used at our clinic here in West Didsbury for clients who come to us from throughout Manchester, Cheshire and the wider North West of England.   

The treatment works by blocking nerve signals to the affected muscles around the injection site. The muscles become more relaxed, slowing their activity which, in turn, reduces the tell-tale lines of ageing.   

The most commonly treated areas are the frown, the forehead and the smile lines, otherwise called the 'crow's feet.’ Whilst our clients might select just one of these areas to be treated, there are times where we would recommend treating all three areas at once, to give a more effective, all-round refreshed appearance.

Our skin is unique and maintaining the desired result will differ from one person to another but, as rule of thumb, BOTOX® treatments need to be repeated every 3 to 6 months.

Dr Rose and Mirella will be pleased to discuss the best options and course of treatment for you.  

Botox - Frown Lines

frown lines

This is one of the areas most commonly treated with BOTOX®. A constant or strong frown may result in a serious appearance and also can cause one or two deep permanent lines often called the ‘elevens.’ Relaxation of this area results in a gentler softer appearance and the elevation of the eyebrows with a resulting younger look.


  • Before
  • After

Botox - Crows Feet

crows feetSmile lines are popularly called crow’s feet and are often the penalty of a life of laughter and smiles. However they can occur as a sign of general premature ageing. When treated with BOTOX® the lines reduce markedly and disappear in some cases to allow the skin to recover.



  • crowsfeet before
  • crowsfeet after

Botox - Forehead

foreheadThe forehead muscle helps us to elevate our eyebrows and is often powerful in people who are very expressive. In combination with sun damage, this mechanical lifting can result in permanent lines. Also in some people this area becomes lax resulting in low-laying eyebrows. At Dermakurve we pay attention to detail to place the BOTOX® treatment in a way that recognises and suits individual features and needs in order to achieve both elevation and smoothing of the forehead. 

  • Forehead before 1
  • Forehead after 1
  • Forehead before K2
  • Forehead after K2

Botox - Neck

Sometimes the muscles of the chin, neck and corners of the mouth can become overactive and can give us a sad looking appearance as well as bands on the neck when we speak or swallow. The chin can also become overly dimpled and corrugated in appearance.

With skilled relaxation of specific muscles we are able to improve the dimpling of the chin and the down turning of the mouth corners.

The chewing muscle called the masseter can also be more powerful in some women giving an angled jaw appearance. BOTOX® can relax this muscle to soften the contour of the jaw line.


  • lowerface&neck 1
    Lower Face
  • lowerface&neck 2


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